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Campana Cakes

SKU 10012148

Glass bell decorate cakes

The bell for sweets protects your desserts and your cakes, also preserving the right degree of humidity, from the first use you will realize how your cakes will remain fragrant as just baked.

  • Each dessert (cakes, biscuits, muffins, cupcakes etc ..) but also salty fruit or appetizers are enhanced, presented and stored optimally under the bell and possibly on a lift or on a dish
  • Choose the most suitable size for your lifting or the plate, we recommend size 28.5cm if the cake mold you use usually is 26cm diameter,24.5cm If you use a 20/22cm mold
  • Diameter 28.5cm - internal height 13cm, this bell combines all glass lifts or dishes diameter 30cm
  • Diameter 24.5cm - heightinternal 11cm, this bell combines with all the glass lifts or dishes diameter 26cm
  • Decorum Cakes in white color
  • Made of blown glass handcrafted, any small air bubbles that can be present in the glass are a feature of this processing technique
  • Hand
  • Designed in Italy and produced in Poland