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Low heart for desserts and cakes

SKU 10012089

Raised for desserts Low and glass cakes

  • L'Sweet cheer Bassa was an accessory now forgotten but the kitchen and cake design broadcasts have brought them back to all their beauty
  • Each dessert (cakes, biscuits, muffins, cupcakes etc ..) but also salty fruit or appetizers are enhanced, presented and served optimally on a raise to which it may be combined with its bell
  • You can also play between the measurements and heights to get the best result on your table. The rising also allows you to serve at the table by optimizing the space, in fact even in the smaller tables or set for many diners it only occupies the space of the foot
  • It combines size 30cm with 28.5cm bells, while the 26cm size is to be combined with 24.5cm bells
  • Check the diameter of the cake mold that you habitually use to choose the most suitable size for you.
  • Made of blown glass handcrafted, any small air bubbles that can be present in the glass are a feature of this processing technique
  • Wash your hand preferably
  • Designed in Italy and produced in Poland