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Barattolo lids

SKU 10013011

We finally introduce the spare parts of the jars: i cover.

Did you fall invertedly the lid and broke?

No problem, we provide you with information to identify it: measures the diameter of the jar with one meter and record the number that is shown.

The lids are 3 dimensions:

- Most great and from 15 cm, ideal for biscuirers, the jars for cereals and the big one for the pasta;

- The middle measure 12 cm, then closes all the jars of sugar, coffee, salt And candies;

- The small, in diameter 9 cm, is designed for sugar bowls And cheese container: Recognize it because it has a small hole to insert the spoon.

Note: the price refers to the lid, the gasket is not included.

Are there any decorations you don't see mentioned above?

Search for your jar inside the site: in the product sheet you will find the size and you can choose the lid in total safety.