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We ship to all countries in the European community (except Malta) and to Switzerland, San Marino and Monaco.

We strive to ship your order as soon as possible, even the same day if possible. However within 5 working days at most we guarantee shipment of all orders.

The products on the site unless there are rare computer errors or otherwise indicated in the product sheet, are those available for immediate delivery. In case there is any problem with availability you will be notified promptly.

Courier and delivery:

When we entrust the shipment to the courier we send an email notification with all the necessary data to track the shipment, including courier name and tracking number. Our couriers deliver in Italy within 1 to 2 working days, transit and delivery times abroad are between 3 and 5 working days.

Now you can also take advantage of BRT- Fermo Point service: you can notify the courier to leave your package at one of the many BRT-Fermo Points if you are not at home on the day you would receive your package. Just let them know using the contact information the courier sends you as soon as they receive the goods.

We advise you, if you are not at home, to use the fermopoint as Simple Day is not liable in case of for unattended deliveries problems (e.g., the wording in the notes field in the cart: "leave outside the door" or "leave on the chair inside the gate").

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Transportation Charges:

Domestic shipping:

  • delivery is free for all orders over €75
  • for orders under 75€ the shipping cost is 5,50€
  • cash on delivery charges are 4,00€ regardless of the amount of the order (in case of return they are not refundable).

EU shipping:

  • for orders up to 10kg the charges are 9,50€.
  • for orders over 10kg the charges are 29,50€
  • Cash on delivery not available

Shipping to Switzerland: 

  • for orders up to 10kg the charges are €29.50
  • for orders over 10kg the charges are 49,50€
  • Cash on delivery not available
  • Customs charges to be paid by the customer

Acceptance and verification of packages

At the time of delivery you must check the status of the packages received and specifically:

  • the number of packages must correspond to the number indicated in the transport document
  • the packaging must appear intact, must not have obvious dents, must not be wet, must not be altered (such as closed with non-original tape, opened and resealed, other obvious alterations)
  • when handling the package, it must not be obvious that there are broken goods inside (e.g., in shipments of glass or ceramic items, it is often immediately apparent that the contents are broken by the sound of shards when handling the package)

In case there is any of the problems listed it is mandatory dispute the problem to the courier immediately upon delivery by signing the bulletin stating "I accept subject to:" also describing the damage (such as missing package or open packaging or broken goods). This procedure is also possible when the courier shows up without a bulletin but with the electronic terminal.

In the case of damaged packages we recommend that you also take a photo of the package before opening it. In the case of obviously broken goods you can also reject the delivery.

IMPORTANT: If the reserve is not placed specifying the exact reason the insurance does not cover the damage!

In the unfortunate event that there is one of these problems please report it promptly by email(within a maximum of 7 days) to: