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General Conditions of Sale

These General Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "General Conditions") regulate the sale of products available on site (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), between the seller company, Generalimport S. r.l., with registered office in Reggio Emilia in Via Giuseppe Soglia 12, Tax Code 03430090260 and VAT number 01963010358, Share Capital Euro 36,000.00, registered at Reggio Emilia enterprises register, No. 229202 (hereinafter referred to as the "Supplier") and the customers who buy Products on Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer").

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. The access to this website and sending an order to our address involve the acceptance of the conditions below. Non-acceptance of these conditions, even at a later date, forbids the use of this website.

You can contact us at any time, by using the contact form you find on the website or by sending us an e-mail to


With this contract, the Supplier sells and the Customer buys remotely through telematic tools the movable goods shown and offered on sale on website.

Simple Day brand is exclusive property of the Generalimport Srl company.

The products available for sale are shown on the pages of the Website.

The contract between the Supplier and the Customer is managed and ends exclusively through internet, with the access of the Customer to website. On the website, the Customer will follow the procedures ove, seguendo le procedure indicate, il Cliente arriverà a formalizzare la proposta per l' acquisto dei beni offerti dal Fornitore.

The purchase agreement ends by the exact compilation of the request form and the consent to the purchase manifested after displaying an order summary web page, in which the extremes of the order and order are given, the price of the property purchased, the shipping charges and any additional ancillary charges, the terms and terms of payment, the address where the good will be delivered and the existence of the right of withdrawal.

At the time the Supplier receives the Customer the order provides for the sending of a confirmation e-mail and summary of the order, printable, in which the data retrieved from the previous point are also reported.

The contract shall not be considered to be perfected and effective between the parties at the forefront of the above.


The Customer before the conclusion of the purchase contract, takes insight into the characteristics of the goods that are illustrated in the individual cards produced at the time of choice by the customer itself.

The graphical representation of the products (images, technical data and descriptions) is carried out for the sole purpose of illustrating the product and is purely indicative. The products can therefore differ from what was represented on the video for obvious reasons of screen colour setting (eg. the tonality of the color of a product). We strive to compile the tabs produced as precisely as possible but are always possible errors on the indicated descriptions. Many products are made in a handcrafted fashion and therefore there may be differences in measures or color tones even between two identical products or the same collection.

The availability of the products refers to the actual availability at the time the Customer makes the order. This availability should however be considered purely indicative as the products could be sold to other customers prior to the confirmation of the order, due to the simultaneous presence on the site of multiple users. There could also be a computer anomaly that would make it available to purchase a product that is actually not.

Even upon the sending of the order confirmation e-mail sent by the Supplier, there may be cases of partial or total unavailability of the merchandise. In this eventuality, the order will be automatically rectified with the elimination of the product or products not available and the Customer will be immediately informed via e-mail; with such an e-mail the customer will also be informed of the manner and timing of repayment of the sums eventually paid.

The prices of the products could be subject to updates at any time. Prices are meant with VAT 22% included. For each order the prices indicated on the internet site al momento dell' ordine sono vincolanti per l' ordine stesso. Any promotions initiated after the confirmation of the order do not give the right to decreases in prices even if it entered into force before the delivery of the order itself.


The Supplier accepts the following methods of payment :

  • Credit Card : Visa, Mastercard, America Express, Master. The amount will be debited on the card at the time of shipment.
  • PayPal:to buy online comfortably, without needing to type on the site credit card data. The debit on the account takes place at the completion of the order.
  • Cash on delivery:method available for amounts less than 999 €. At the time of delivery you will be required to have available in cash the exact amount of the order indicated in the shipment confirmation email ; the courier cannot give any further and does not accept cheques. A bank or postal current account will have to be indicated for the eventual refund. This method of payment has an additional cost of € 4.50. In case of withdrawal the marking expenses are not in any case reimbursed.
  • Advance bank transfer. The shipment will take place at the transfer received

The Provider will arrange to deliver the selected and ordered products, with the modes chosen by the Buyer or indicated on the website at the time of offering the good, as well as confirmed in the confirmation e-mail. The timing of the shipment may vary from the day of the order to a maximum of 5 working days from the confirmation of the same. In the event that the Supplier is not able to make the shipment within the said period, it will be given timely notice by e-mail to the Buyer.

The modes and shipping costs are clearly indicated and well evidenced in the procedure completed by the customer in the check-out and before payment.
We entrust our expeditions to express couriers. The customer will receive a shipment notification by e-mail in which the shipment number is reported, the courier to which we have entrusted the merchandise and the link to the tracking page to follow the status of the shipment. Usually deliveries in Italy occur within 1 or 2 working days from the date of shipment.

The supplier is not responsible for any delivery delays due to the erroneous or incomplete compilation of the address data by the customer (including any information useful for the courier type name on the citofono, scale, interior etc.), or for any delays due to the courier.

At the time of delivery the Customer is required to verify that the number of the packages in delivery corresponds to the anticipated transport document by e-mail and that the imdance is totally intact, unharmed, milled, laundry, bathed, torn, reconditioned with adhesive tape not of the supplier, or in any alteration, even in the closing materials (adhesive tape or metal regrots). In the case the packages are evidently damaged the customer is required to fill out the specific reservation to the courier on the bulletin (open neck, damaged box, etc.). In the absence of the said reservation the supplier shall not be responsible for the damage / misses relating to the products shipped. If the customer accepts the delivery of a damaged / tampered neck by placing specific reservation, he / she is required to report the incident within 7 calendar days of delivery, beyond that term it is not possible to accept the complaint.


The customer shall in any case have the right to withdraw from the contract entered into, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within the period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days decurring from the day of receipt of the property purchased.
In case the Buyer decides to avail himself of the right of withdrawal, he or she must give notice to the supplier by choosing the most appropriate means, or by recommended A.R. at : Resi Simple Day, c/o Generalimport Srl, Via Soglia 12-42124 Reggio Emilia, or by e-mail to e-mail

The recount of the good will nevertheless have to take place at the latest within 10 (ten) days from the date on which the will to exercise the right of withdrawal is communicated. In any case, for you to be entitled to the full refund of the price paid, the good will have to be returned intact, in the original, unused imdance, not used and, however, in the normal state of preservation. The customer is responsible for the correct imaging of the product to be made, if the product to be made will not be packed in a suitable way to avoid the damage of the transport and should break, the responsibility falls on the customer.

In accordance with the code of consumption the expenses of making the product are borne by the customer and the supplier shall be required to refund the cost of the product and any shipment costs of the order. If the rendered is made for only a portion of the ordered items the refund of the shipping expenses is recognised in proportion to the cost of the items rendered. If the customer intends to make use of our Conventions with couriers for making the cost of shipping the rendered will be supported by the supplier who will deduct the cost from the refund to be made to the customer. The charged cost is that of standard shipping.

The rendered must be made at Resi Simple Day, c/o Generalimport Srl, Via Soglia 12-42124 Reggio Emilia.

When the supplier receives the shipment of the rendered it undertakes to verify within 14 (fourteen) days the compliance of the rendered and to reimburse the customer. The refund is made with the same instrument used for payment except for the mark for which the refund takes place by bank transfer. The marking expenses are never reimbursed.


The products sold on the site are covered by the Legal Warranty of Compliance as from art. 128-135 of the Code of Consumption. This guarantee belongs to consumers and therefore competes with the Customer making the purchase for purposes outside the professional, entrepreneurial, artisanal, commercial activities carried out.

The Supplier shall be liable to the consumer for any existing compliance defect at the time of delivery of the product and that it is manifested within two years of such delivery. The compliance defect must be reported to the seller, in penalty of decadence from the warranty, in the period of two months from the date on which it was discovered.

Unless proven otherwise, it is assumed that the conformity defects that occur within six months of the delivery of the products already existed at that time, unless such a hypothesis is incompatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the compliance defect. As of the seventh month following the delivery of the product, it will instead be the burden of the consumer to prove that the compliance defect already existed at the time of delivery of the same.

Any fault or malfunction determined by accidental facts or liability of the Customer or by a use of the product not in accordance with its intended use and / or as provided for in the possible technical documentation attached to the product shall be excluded from the scope of the Legal Guarantee.

In the event of a compliance defect duly denounced in the Terms, the Customer is entitled to the repair or free replacement of the good, at his choice, except that the remedy requested is objectively impossible or excessively burdensome compared to the other. In the case that the repair or replacement is impossible or overly onerous or the repair or replacement has not been realized within the congrui terms or the previously made repair or replacement has caused significant inconvenience to the consumer the customer may request the reduction of the price or the termination of the contract, in his / her choice.


The present General Conditions of Sale are governed by the Italian law and submitted to Italian jurisdiction.

For any dispute concerning the validity, execution or interpretation of these General Conditions of Sale and its effects shall be competent : (a) the Forum of the place of residence or domicile of the Customer, if the Customer is a consumer and is resident or domiciled in Italy ; (b) exclusive to the Forum of Reggio Emilia, in any other case.

The customer has the option of resorting to the online dispute resolution procedures (ODR) made available by the European Commission by linking to the following link :