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Per I Piatti Tea Towel

SKU 10010129

Canovaccio in white linen decoration for the dishes

Almost as a joke, we started asking ourselves inside the staff: how do you use the canvas? The answers were many and different: those who use it to dry the dishes, those who have one on their hands, those who use it resting on the oven handle to give that sense of heat and reception in the kitchen, those who want it full of stars e Hearts.

And this is how the new Canovacci collection was born: each of us wanted to represent a habit, a use, a person. What is the one that most represents you?

  • 100% stonewash linen: very absorbent and Stonewash treatment gives the stripped and softness effect
  • White color fabric
  • Measures 50x68cm
  • Canovaccio decorum for the dishes, made of watercolor
  • Washable in the washing machine up to 60 °
  • Designed in Italy and produced in Latvia