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Happy white mug

SKU 10010575
Happy white mug

Every writing and every decoration have their own meaning.
We wish you to be “happy” all day;
“La Mia Tisana” (infusion) and “Cioccolata”(chocolate), let you choose your favourite hot drink;
“Buongiorno” to give you some energy to start your day with.
Hearts and stars? You only know what they mean for you.
  • Size: 11cm (handle excluded), diameter 10 cm
  • Capacity: 510 ml
  • Decoration Happy in black color
  • Stoneware made. This material is of the highest quality and it lasts for a very long time. The product will remain intact and beautiful even with daily use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Designed in Italy