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Set 2 oil bottles as enough - a little vinegar in printed 2x250ml

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SKU 10012337

Set 2 oil bottles as enough - a little 2x250ml vinegar

  • Use our bottles to perfectly dose oil and vinegar while seasoning your dishes. Thanks to the anti-game spout you can pour them precisely without dropping anything out of the plate
  • Made in Borosilicate glass, a material that has unique characteristics, in fact despite being very light is very resistant, super transparent, very bright and easy to clean
  • The modern form and the decorations Oil just enough and a little vinegar in printed eBlack or black in color are ideal both on the most elegant and on everyday tables. It can also be a gift idea being a useful accessory in any kitchen
  • You can wash your bottle in the dishwasher:Max washing temperature is recommended. 50 ° and not to use abrasive or aggressive detergents
  • Size diam. 7cm x h 18cm 8 (including spout) - indicative capacity 250ml for each ampoule
  • Product designed in Italy